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​Exploring the Farmer’s Market

520 Park Avenue is conveniently located in the heart of Mount Vernon in Baltimore City. This area boasts many local farmers markets which is where this guide will come in handy! Join us as we explore the Farmer's Market and how to make the most of your trip while supporting local farmers and artisans.
1. Early Birds Catch the Freshest Greens:
   Arrive early to the farmer's market for the best selection. Freshly harvested fruits and vegetables are often available in abundance at the beginning of the market day. Plus, you'll beat the crowds and have more time to leisurely explore each vendor.
2. Get to Know Your Local Vendors:
   Strike up conversations with the farmers and vendors. Ask questions about their growing practices, inquire about seasonal produce, and learn about any unique varieties they offer. Building a connection with local farmers not only enriches your shopping experience but also supports the community.
3. Shop In-Season:
   Embrace the seasons by focusing on in-season produce. Not only is it at its peak freshness and flavor, but it's also likely to be more affordable. Seasonal eating ensures a diverse and nutrient-rich diet while celebrating the best each season has to offer.
4. Try Something New:
   Farmer's markets often showcase unique and heirloom varieties that you might not find in a typical grocery store. Take this opportunity to try something new – whether it's a colorful heirloom tomato, a unique squash, or an exotic fruit.
5. Bring Your Own Bags and Baskets:
   Be environmentally conscious by bringing your own reusable bags or baskets. Not only does this reduce waste, but it also provides a convenient and sturdy way to carry your fresh produce home.
6. Support Local Artisans:
   Farmer's markets are not just about fruits and veggies. Many markets feature local artisans, bakers, and crafters. Explore these stalls to discover handmade goods, artisanal cheeses, fresh bread, and other locally made items.
The Farmer's Market is a treasure trove of fresh, local goodness waiting to be explored. By following this guide, you'll not only bring home the best produce but also support local farmers and artisans.