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The Benefits of EFT

money_transfer As with most recurring payments, using Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to take care of your monthly rent can make things convenient and simple. Think about it. All it takes is the one-time task of signing our form. But is it a good idea for everyone? Of course it is! Here's a look at the benefits of EFT. EFT can save you time Not only is it convenient, but it also can give you peace of mind that your bill is getting paid, all without you having to lift a finger. Plus, it can give you a few extra moments of free time since there's no need for stamps or pesky trips to the mailbox. There's no risk of forgetting your rent EFT ensures that your rent is always paid on time each and every month. A history of on-time payments may improve your credit score, but conversely, late and/or missing payments could really hurt your score. With EFT payments, there's nothing left to chance. Whether you're swamped with a big deadline for work or you're off on vacation, there's no risk of you forgetting to pay on time. Secure payments can give you peace of mind With EFT, you're paying from our secured 520 Park Avenue site designed for this type of activity and with the appropriate security to give you peace of mind. IT'S FREE! Some companies charge a fee to utilize automatic bill pay, but not us! By signing up for EFT, your rent will be taken automatically each month with no hidden fees! In summation, using automatic EFT could help protect your credit score, provide convenience and give you peace of mind without all the hassle of remembering to pay your rent. Just be sure to keep track of the dates and the amounts paid in order to stay on top of your finances.