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How to Make Friends in a New City

Moving to a new city can be tough for a lot of reasons, not least among them is having to make new friends. However intimidating the idea of finding new friends may be, though, it’ll be worth the effort! To help you get started, here are 5 great ways to make some new connections in your new town!

  1. Pick Up a Group Activity
Joining a group activity is a great way to not only meet new people, but to meet new people who share your interests and hobbies! Like to cook? Join a cooking class! Into fitness? Try a local yoga class.
  1. Attend Community Events
In cities of all sizes, organizations often host meetups and events to encourage mingling and welcome newcomers. Not only are these events a great way to make new friends, they’re also a great way to discover your new favorite bar, restaurants, art gallery and more!
And don’t forget the events hosted right here at 520 Park! Make sure you’re following 520 Park Apartments on Facebook  to stay in-the-know about the Resident events we have planned for you!
  1. Connect with Colleagues
Don’t overlook the office; it can be a great catalyst for social connections.  To spark new friendships in the workplace, try:
  • Eating your lunch in the break room
  • Participating in work events
  • Posting about events or fun ideas in your work’s communication channels
  • Inviting colleagues to join you for lunch, dinner, happy hour, a group activity, or other social events. 
  1. Use Your Building’s Amenities
Community amenities are a great way to find common interests with your neighbors. Plus, you’ll quickly learn who the regulars are. Start by waving or saying hello to the people you recognize. Whenever the chance presents itself, strike up a conversation! If you’re not sure what to talk about, make a comment or ask a question about the amenity you’re both using.

For those new to 520 Park, start your morning off with a workout in our Fitness Center, wind down after your busy day in our Resident lounge, or enjoy some time outdoors in the courtyard. Regularly spending time in these communal spots is a great way to meet other people who call 520 Park Apartments home!
  1. Throw a Housewarming Party
While you obviously don’t know your apartment neighbors yet, it’s quite possible that they don’t know each other, either. A housewarming party is a great way to not only meet them but to provide opportunities for them to connect with each other as well. Having a theme for your event might help take away some of the anxiety. Try hosting a game night, ice cream social or wine tasting to help break the ice.